Writing my Curiculum Vitae!

Writing a CV has got to be the hardest bullshit I’ve ever written! I’m struggling. You ask: why? The answer is:

1) the hobbies I participate in, cannot be written on my CV..

pole dancing aerobics..

belly dancing..

yoga..(gotta keep flexible!)

It doesn’t really paint the best picture now, does it? *hides face*

2) I get drunk every Friday/Saturday and use Sunday to recover. Or can I include this on my CV?

3) I’m a princess, so OBVIOUSLY I’ve never had a proper job before..totally regretting this!

This CV is looking more empty than my head! *sigh*

Yes, this is the reason why I don’t have a job..

I have no CV..

Maybe, I should stick to my CV of lies *devil face* at least, it’ll get me somewhere..


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