Working as a Christmas Temp!

To keep me sane, I decided to get a Christmas temp job and as much as everyone said I’d hate it, I’ve LOVED every single second of it. Yes, I know it sounds  c r a z y  that one can find joy in serving the public but, honestly, they aren’t that bad. (I suppose having to deal with myself does prepare you quite well for the big bad world!)

Anyway, I’d like to share some stories of my time working..

Conversation 1

I’m serving an Asian couple and I notice that the lady has orange hands (it’s henna/mendhi)..

Farah: Did you have an accident with your fake tan? I know some ways to remove it..

Lady looks at me confused

Lady: It’s mendhi (henna)

Farah: Oh!..*embarrassed face*

Yes, Farah, not all Asians fake tan like yourself!

Conversation 2

I’m wearing a reindeer ears headband..

Child: Look, dad, it’s a reindeer

Dad: Yes, it’s Rudolph

The child looks at me for a few seconds and replies to his dad

Child: No, dad, that’s not Rudolph. Rudolph has a red nose!

Conversation 3

Asian lady starts a conversation with me about what I do, where I’m from etc. You know how old women can be quite nosy..

Asian woman: So are you married?

Farah: No..

Asian woman: Have you found someone?

Farah: Yes

Asian woman: Oh, that’s a shame, because if you hadn’t, I would have found someone for you!

I was utterly shocked! That’s the last thing I expected whilst at work – people hitching me up!

Conversation 4

Child: Mummy, why do you always buy the wrapping up paper every year for Father Christmas?

I wanted to laugh so hard! Bless him!

Conversation 5

The box of pork cocktail sausages are open..

Farah: These packet of sausages are open..I’ll get you a new one..

Grandma: Oh, no! Don’t worry! He had some *points at her little grandson*

Grandson: No, I didn’t, Grandma! You did!

Grandma looks at me all guilty


For some more stories about my time at Tescos, check out: My Month as a COGCheckout Chats!

photo credit: P1000169 via photopin (license)

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