Why guys refer to their girlfriends as ‘birds’?

Late night texts = weird, pointless topics of discussion, but I never knew I’d have an epiphany whilst having one..

The other night I was texting one of my mates (hi darling! if you’re reading this) about random rubbish & we started to talk about tits and boobies! (God! I sound weird!) But do give me the benefit of the doubt, it was the early hours of the morning..

For those amongst us who do not know what a booby or tit is, I’ve displayed some pictures below:

blue-tit-1325356 brown-booby-tern-601623

Is it me or is it weird that society refers to people’s jugs bosoms as bird types? Or is this just a coincidence?

I came to the conclusion, it wasn’t a coincidence and PING! it all came together! Maybe, that’s why men refer to their girlfriends as chicks birds. Or maybe, I’ve just looked into this a little too much. But, anyhow, it was great to get that off my chest. (like what I did there? 😉 😛 )


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