University Shopping

As many of you are aware, my little brother is going to be starting his masters this Monday at Nottingham University in Finance and summat, (I should really know what he’s doing *hides face*) so this meant a mandatory trip to the shops to get the bits and bobs he was missing. I say bits and bobs because he stolen most of my stuff *evil glare*

It’s trips like this, where I remember why i miss him so much. He never fails to make me chuckle giggle.

Conversation 1

sees a pair of £40 boxers, turns around to my mum..

bro: why they so expensive? what’s so special about them? do they make your d*ck grow?

My mum’s reply was just a giggle. It did, for a minute second, make me think that boxers might have the power to do that..& there was me thinking I turned on all those guys. Or am I now thinking of a different type of ‘growing’?

Conversation 2

I suggested to him that he should see if there’s anything he might like in Victoria Secrets (always trying to help *cheesy grin*) to which he reply was: Bras are for boobs, Farah; not balls! (Thanks for clarifying that for me, bro. It’s not like I haven’t been wearing them for the past 10 years!)

Oh, I’m going to miss this little munchkin when he leaves *sobs*


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