Too old for clubbing?

Participating in Sober for October, this month, has made me come to some realisations a realisation: clubbing isn’t for me anymore! Here’s why:

1) I’d rather spend my Friday/Saturday night in with a movie, wearing my favourite pjs, in my bed, with lots of my favourite snacks! Yes, this is as crazy as my Friday nights have been recently!

2) I like to go to bed at a decent time. I’m not into seeing the sunrise from my blurred vision anymore. (I haven’t quite figured out if my blurred vision is due to being intoxicated or from me losing my contacts. I guess I’ll never find out now 🙁 )

3) Wearing next to nothing & freezing my butt off isn’t worth it. No, the alcohol doesn’t keep you that warm!

4) I’d rather spend my money on a nice dominos than the entry fee into a club a sweaty pit full of drunk people!

5) My head hurts from all the loud music & that bass; the way it makes my drink shake and spill all over me! So annoying! Also, I’d love to be able to hear when I’m 50 40. Save your loud music for someone else!

6) Having a boxing match to get to the bar isn’t for me anymore. I’d rather not have two black eyes just because I wanted some watered down vodka.

7) Dancing to music I have never heard on a sticky dance floor isn’t appealing to me anymore. I have started to question why it’s so sticky too. I’m sure there’s bodily fluids on the floor as well as alcohol!

8) Spending my night running doing a 007 mission to escape sleaze balls isn’t my thing anymore. Yes, I’m that unfortunate girl who has the ugliest of guys hitting on her on nights out 🙁 why couldn’t that cutie who caught me checking him out from across the dance floor come up to me? Answer: Probably because of sleaze ball on my right, offering to buy me a drink *sigh* (I’m still in denial that maybe those cuties just weren’t into me – like LOOK AT ME! Who wouldn’t want me?)

9) Imagine it: tight dress (which I probably had to eat nothing all day so I fitted into it), 6 inch heels (my feet are so fucking sore), a random guy trying to get off with me (such a sleaze ball), I can’t hear my friends because of the loud music & I have paid 2x 3x the price for a drink which isn’t as strong as I would normally drink it – does that sound like fun to you?

10) It messes up my body clock. I end up in Thailands time zone by the next day!

Fridays shouldn’t be about me running around trying to organise what I’ll be wearing for the night, getting my eyebrows done, defuzzing myself, fake tanning and caking makeup on. God! Even typing all that out has made me tired. I like Fridays to be relaxed. Going to a bar/pub at the end of the day is as wild as I like it to get.


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  1. Haha yeah I can totally relate 😛 I always feel like I should go out clubbing, and then when its actually about to happen its just like… nah Netflix and crisps for me fanks

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