Thoughts whilst Revising

So, the revision season is here, at the moment, for most of you – well for me it isn’’s the season of studying, seeing as I haven’t EVEN seen this material before and whilst we are all suffering and trying to get ourselves through it, I thought I’d tell you all the things that go through my head during it..

1) What’s the minimum mark I need to pass this module?

2) Why did I choose to study this subject? I hate it now!

3) Equations are easiest to learn. Fuck the theory! (if my degree hadn’t been a quantitative one – I would have failed by now)

4) Just work hard for your parents. Make them proud..Or your future children, so they don’t starve

5) FFS, I need to know prior knowledge from first year *cries in pain*

6) I think I forgot how to study..

7) Maybe, I’m too old now to retain knowledge..

8) Or, maybe, I need a nap..

9) I think I’m hungry. It’s been 30 mins since I last ate. For once, my brain is being used. It needs regular food. (The things I tell myself to justify my actions)

10) I need some new highlighters. Online shopping time!

11) HEYAR! We meet again, Ritalin. Yes, I missed you. I hope you’ve become stronger this year, seeing as my work has got harder and I’m also fatter

12) I wonder how so and so is getting on with their revision..let me text them, after all, a problem shared is a problem halved!

13) Maybe, I should look at the past papers and try to guess what might come up and just revise that.

14) FUCK! The exam is tomorrow. I guess it’s an all nighter for me then!

15) I guess if I fail I’ll have to use my good looks to get me places..this degree was just a fall back plan

16) I didn’t even want the type of job this degree would lead me to anyway..

17) I only studied it so I could experience uni life!

18) Maybe, I should stop complaining/ and study. I might pass then..



photo credit: Bookstore Simian (Roseburg, Oregon) via photopin (license)

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