Thoughts on Laser Eye Surgery..

As most of you are aware, I have the worst eye sight ever and it has got me into a lot of confused and sticky situations..‘I’m sure he was a solid 8 last night before I got into bed with him & now he’s a 2 :/ hhmmm!’..Yes, I’ve never slept with anyone ugly, but they somehow wake up looking ugly. A result of bad sight and too much alcohol; both which cloud my vision & result in me making, well let’s say, not the best decisions in life.

I don’t quite understand how I can be so blind with the size of my eyes..they are HUGE so I’m surprised that I’m a -7 & -9..maybe it’s trying to balance out what I am on a scale of one to ten..

with makeup on: 16 – 7 = 9

without makeup on: 16 – 9 = 7

It makes more sense now..

Anyway, I’m tired now of making ‘bad’ decisions in life and would like to do something about these marbles I have as eyes..

I’ve been researching into getting laser eye surgery, but I’m still umming and ahhing about it so I thought I’d ask you all for your advice. What do you guys think of it? Have any of you had the procedure done?


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  1. I know so many people for whom laser eye surgery has worked really well! If I didn’t have such an attachment to my glasses and a stable eye sight I would get the super vision done! Check it out if you haven’t already! ๐Ÿ™‚

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