The reason for my absence

Where do I start? Maybe from the beginning, Farah. Stupid question! *rolls eyes*

A lot has happened this year, but I’m still alive! Well, just about! Some of it is too personal to disclose, other parts I’ll let you in on.

From being ill to holidays to getting a job. Life has been: oh so hectic! I’ve tried coming back here and there, but it’s been hard. I suppose I could summarise it in five words:


So you ask why has it been such a roller coaster?

Well, there are a few reasons:

1) I didn’t adjust to moving back home very well. I hate this small town. It’s like I’ve had to come back after being away for four years and deal with what I had ran away from/blocked in my head before I started uni. Like unfinished business.


2) Did I mention I had two surgeries? Yer, sometime this year, I had those as well! One was elective, the other one not so much! And I’m still recovering ๐Ÿ™ And no, it was not cosmetic before you guys think that’s how I became this beautiful!


3) I kept getting ill! Impetigo (for a month) and tonsillitis were two things on that list of infections I had this year!


4) At one point, I was considering quitting writing my blog. This was due to some family members finding it. You may ask why that would stop me? Well, for me blogging is a pleasurable thing to do; where I allow my fingers to tap over the keys and my thoughts to be dumped onto the page, uncensored. I felt like I was having to think about what I could and couldn’t write about. I just felt like I couldn’t be Farah me. But, now, I’m over it. I guess I should feel honoured that people I don’t give two fucks about care about want to know how I’m doing. HEYARRR TO MA HOMIES IN SUNNYBANK & CHESTER!


5) Working and applying for a ‘proper’ job was very time consuming, soul crushing and tedious. Gotta get my priorities in order!


Anyway, I’m back! I hope you didn’t miss me too much and guess what? I’ll be blogging a lot more!ย YAY!



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