Stalking on Social Media..

We’ve all done it and there’s no denying it. Yes, it’s embarrassing but hey, it’s natural or as I like to say (my new favourite phrase): ‘it’s human nature to do so’. Yes, I am convinced half the weird things I do, 80% of society does too..the things Farah says to convince herself she’s normal..

So stalking on social media or as I like to call it: ‘see how they are doing nowadays’ *rolls eyes* has to be my one of my bad habits. God, I’m sounding so weird right now..

The reason I’m writing about this is because well, I was erm..checking up on an old acquaintance..okay, okay, I admit old lover & instead of typing his name into the search bar of Facebook, I wrote his name into the status bar and ENTER! I was confused for a few moments thinking my MacBook was messing me around again and then I realised what I had done..DAMN IT! WHAT MESS HAD I NOW JUST CREATED?! Don’t worry, guys! I deleted it, I’m just hoping no one noticed..please tell me if any of yous did!

Other than embarrassing me, social media makes it hard to truly let go of the past & it does sometimes make you envy your former lovers/friends at time: seeing them whizzing away on magnificent holidays or seeing perfect pictures of a wedding you weren’t invited to or the little cute mini me’s they’ve produced and you’re there comparing it to your mess of a life – God! I’m being so truthful here! But I do remind myself, those pictures have been carefully selected and have definitely been edited & photoshopped! Yes, I don’t ever remember them being that attractive!

I haven’t truly given up stalking people on social media, (you’d think I would have after what happened) but my culprits have changed. I tend to now stalk my current partner; he, however, finds it quite endearing or so I think!


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