My Month as a COG!

It’s been over a month as a COG – Checkout Girl. I LOVE the term COG; makes me feel like without me, Tescos would be NOTHING. I’m the COG that drives this company. *holds head up high*.. Okay, back to reality, Farah *snap*.. let’s remember you are one of the most insignificant people working for Tescos 🙁

Anyway, over the past month, I have learnt a lot. A lot about what people like to eat. Being a COG, you have the privileged intrusion into someone’s life. Trust me, there’s so much you can learn about a person from their shop:

  • The mum who comes in, spends around £150 pounds. In her shop, you can see: Munch Bunch, Pull-Ups, Cheesestring, baby wipes, sandwich fillers etc. I make an educated guess, it’s the family shop. She must have children, some at school and others she’s potty training.
  • The guy in the suit, who arrives at my till engaged in a business call, with a basket. He purchases a ready meal for one, a bottle of wine and a packet of maltesers. He ushers for me to pack it up for him. Very demanding! He’s a single, clearly doesn’t have time for a significant other and prefers the grind to work. ‘It’s okay, you look about 35, you have plenty of years to find Mrs. Right!’ I tell him (in my head). He was gone before I could even say hi. *heartbroken*
  • The elderly man, who buys some tangerines, a newspaper, coffee and some milk. He starts a conversation with me, trying oh so hard to keep it going. You can tell I’m probably the first person he’s spoken to all day.
  • The dude in his late teens/early 20s, he purchases: condoms, vodka, chocolate, a DVD and some popcorn. Clearly, he’s planning an eventful interesting night for his ‘girlfriend’. I hope it was worth the investment.
  • The group of girls, on a Friday afternoon, who purchase spirits and mixers. They are getting ready for a night out. It makes me jealous, but I remind myself my days of clubbing are long gone. *pats my back*
  • The couple cradling a newborn baby. They both have dark circles underneath their eyes. They purchase: nappies, baby wipes, cotton buds, baby shampoo and talcum powder. They look exhausted. I look at them sympathetically.

It has, also, been interesting to see how people’s spending habits have changed: At Christmas, there was lots of alcohol, chocolates, crackers, cheese, christmas dinner food etc. you get the jist! They were practically picking up whatever they wanted from the shelves (bit like my boyfriend would do)..Fast forward a month later and people are being more healthier; opting for a lot more fruit and vegetables, they have shopping lists and the amount they are spending has halved.

I haven’t quite figured out, if I’m very observant or just a nosy shit person..& the life lessons as a COG continue..


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photo credit: Saturday Prayer via photopin (license)

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