Moving moving moving!

So sorry I haven’t been posting recently! The last week has been all about: moving moving moving. Yes, I’ve left London for the time being and I’ve come back to sunny, little Bolton. (It’s a shit hole next to Manchester, for the ones amongst us who haven’t heard of the place)

It’s been a hell of a week, but I learnt a few things, which I would love to share with you, just in case you’re moving:

1) I HATE MAN AND A VAN! Eurgh! What a total waste of money! Don’t use this service!

2) Make lots of friends before you move, especially with guys who lift. I knew my good looks would come in use one day! (should I have called them: ‘friends’?)

3) Don’t pop the bubble wrap before you’ve packed the fragile things – it won’t work if you do!

4) It’ll probably cost more money to move your possessions than their actual worth. Yes, it’s a depressing thought.

5) Don’t try and tape each other up using the packing never ends well! (borderline BDSM?)

6) When you reach the 12th box, you start to convince yourself you don’t like/need the rest of your stuff – DON’T GIVE UP!

Oops..(no, this did not happen to me. I promise!)
Oops..(no, this did not happen to me. I promise!)

The worse thing about moving has to be, when you get to your new location and having to unpack. I HATE DOING IT! Well, I have this time because I HAVE NOWHERE TO PUT MY STUFF! 🙁 Does anyone want any free clothes? I’m a British size 6!

oh & I would appreciate some help moving back in..any volunteers? I’ll feed you food! (What an incentive!)


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