‘Finishing university and clueless’..sound familiar?

So, as my masters comes to an end, I have had to start thinking of what I always dread the most: what next? & as always, due to my bad organisation skills, I HAVE NOTHING PLANNED. Well, actually that’s a lie.. I’ve started to gather together some ideas. Yes, it is a procrastination tool i use to avoid having to work on my thesis. But you can’t blame me, right? Writing about shale gas would drive anyone insane.
But anywayyyyy, before I digress, which my friends will tell you, is an amazing skill (yes, I refer to it as that) I possess (so many uncompleted stories I have yet to finish telling them – if you’re reading this, don’t worry I haven’t forgotten, they’ll be completed one day!), back to what I was discussing..the MY ideas/plans: well we have the boring, bog standard ones which I’m sure are on every single master student’s list: find a job, maybe travel, lose those extra pounds (or stones in my case *hides face*) and..erm..I think that’s about it! I bet you’re sat there reading this and thinking: what’s she so clueless about?! Well, lets start with item one from my extensive list:

Finding a job

As many of us know, its easier said than done..but for me, I have an extra hurdle..what do I want to do? Truthfully, be a Princess. A Disney Princess. A childhood dream which I still haven’t given up on. Yes, I do still think Prince Charming is looking for my unique shaped feet to fit into that glass slipper. I just wished he’d hurry up & find me!

Daddy comforting Farah
Daddy comforting Farah (picture taken from here)

Okay, okay, I’ll be serious. I HATE DETEST MY DEGREE!..with a passion..so you ask: why did you study it then? well, you see Farah doesn’t give up on things. She thought, I’ve started it, might as well finish it. & the result of that brings me to where i am today..soon to be graduating with a degree in Chemical Process Engineering. Yes, I’m not just a pretty face. So, what now? Well, working with what I have, finance is an option. An option, which definitely interests me..and that, my friend, is what is on the top of my procrastination list for tomorrow: to apply for a job. I joke. I’ll be enjoying myself, reading journal articles on injection rate and modelling on Matlab. Oh, I’m definitely living the life! The only thing which gets me through these depressing days are my daydreams..dreams of working in the Gherkin, of owning an apartment in Chelsea, with the view of the bridge and an Aston Martin parked outside..yes, I do dream big..but who doesn’t?


Yes, I’d love to travel, but daddy won’t allow me to do so on my own 🙁 Any volunteers willing to backpack with me?

Losing weight

Due to me pouring blood, sweat and tears into this thesis, it’s resulted in me to turning to my best friend: CHOCOLATE ♥

The consequences: 7kg heavier and soon to be needing a new wardrobe (which, I can’t afford)..so it’s to the gym I go and time to cut back on the junk…if only I had the motivation..


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