Films, foot jobs and fun!

I’M TURNING MAD CRAZY! I haven’t figured out if it’s due to my nocturnal habits, writing my thesis or lack of social life. Whatever, it is, it needs to be sorted out. Yes, thesis, I’m glaring at you right now. *evil stare*

I don’t know if I can deal with this thesis anymore! I swear it’s going to become the death of me!

My lack of social life has made me miss a lot of things from getting waveyyyy to compliments (yes, I do generally hate them, but if someone was to give me one right now..I’d reply: (in my DJ Khaled voice) Anotha one! 😀 haha) As you can probably tell, I really need to be taken out. Anyone want to hang out?

I’m quite enjoying being nocturnal, right now. My phone has stopped buzzing, I get to see the sun rise and can walk the streets of London without getting knocked over. The only downfall is food. No where decent is open at night times. (God, I’m always thinking about my belly!)

Procrastination levels have reached a new peak: I’ve started to watch Ex on the Beach and Geordie Shore. I never thought I’d ever admit that. *hides face* Whilst watching these amazing shows last night, I thought I’d inform everyone of my big news…I’m going to get a foot job! This random outburst was greeted with giggles and laughs from my cousin and bestie. Until, I clocked on, 5 seconds later, as to what they were thinking. No, guys, I do not have any interest in giving a lucky guy a foot job. Sorry to disappoint you all.

Procrastinating didn’t finish there for Farah. No, no, no! I decided to watch a film. Panic Room. I really enjoyed it, even though I got scared. (reason being I always have nightmares of me being taken for ransom – a bit like Rush Hour – yes, I do think I’m worth a lot *holds head up high*)

what my dad would be up to if I was to get kidnapped
What my dad would be up to if I was to get kidnapped (picture taken from here)


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    1. Thank you, Anna. I’m glad you’re enjoying my posts 🙂 Don’t worry about the spelling of my name. A lot of Americans spell it with double r. I suppose I have Farrah Fawcett to thank for that. Haha.

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