Depressing December!

December couldn’t have gone any worse for me! 🙁

It’s normally a month I look forward to because, well, it’s my birthday, Christmas and everyone is jolly. I adore LOVE the festive season! But this year, things were different..

I got an infected lip which looked like I had herpes a cold sore, but I didn’t have that. Well, that’s what my dad said.. I do have to trust his judgement. He’s a dentist after all! He tried to convince me the yellow thing (how technical do I sound?) was the lips version of a scab. BULLSHIT! Who gave you your dental degree?

I have this awful bacterial rash which doesn’t seem to want to leave me. Four weeks of flucoxacillin best make it go away. Yes, I do feel very dry!

I had my eyes lasered! I’m regretting it but I’d rather not speak too soon. I feel like I’m drunk 24/7. Yay! Just what I needed! (I’ll post about my experience soon)

I’ve ended up hurting my back. Every time I breathe my back hurts. Apparently it’s due to: ‘strenuous, wrenching arm movements’. It sounds like a thing a boy would end up with after having a bit too much fun with himself. I promise you the reason why I have it isn’t the same..mine is from working so HARD! I swear I’m not made for the working world!

I burnt myself on baked Camembert!

I wasn’t included in the annual family ski holiday. Okay okay, I know there’s a valid reason but still…I don’t like the idea of my parents spending my inheritance without including me!

Because of the laser treatment, I cannot use a lot of my electronic devices. And yes, turning down the brightness doesn’t help!

It didn’t snow! I wanted a white Christmas!

I think my excuses why my December was bad are becoming slightly too ridiculous! *rolls eyes*

Not like I have a lot to look forward to in January either..yes, I didn’t forget you, foot op! *evil face*


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