Cancellation of my Pity Party

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t such a perfectionist! The last week of producing my thesis was definitely the hardest! Formatting and getting everything just right was oh so tedious & time consuming. Okay, okay, I’ll admit it; I’m not the best at Word! Well, actually, I’ve come to the conclusion, we just don’t get along! I like people who listen to me and Word definitely doesn’t! *evil stare*

So anyway, after I looked over my thesis, I sent it to my editor at Penguin for it to be read (my cousin proofread it for me) & now it’s being mass produced ready to be released next week for you all to buy! Make sure to go and pick up your copy from your local bookstore! What’s better than a bit of light reading about shale gas before bedtime? Okay, okay, back to reality, the only person who really wants a copy of my thesis or would ever buy one is: my dear, old mother. She said it would be the best book she’ll have ever bought. Bless her cotton socks! I asked her if I’d receive my own shelf, to which her reply was: ‘are you thinking of writing more theses?’ She clearly doesn’t realise how much I’ve hated the last few months. NO, MOTHER, I SHALL NOT BE DOING ANYMORE THESES! & yes, I’ve rejected my PhD offer from UCL. Just the thought of me researching for another three years, depresses me. If anyone has/is doing a PhD at the moment..please tell me how you cope/coped!

I think my dad was glad to hear I was rejecting the PhD offer. His exact words: ‘I started to wonder what I had given birth to.’ Cheers, dad โ˜บ๏ธ I love you too..

(I would insert a cute picture of my thesis here but I was too rushed to take one of my nice binding – it’ll be here next week)

It’s finally over! Just got my viva to do and then I’m finished with UCL! WOO HOO! Two more weeks to go! The amount of blood, sweat and tears I’ve poured into this thesis is ridiculous. Like, literally! The amount of times I had an emotional breakdown because I thought I couldn’t do it, only for my bestie to call me and console me 300 miles away that I’d be okay..but I didn’t think I’d ever sweat or bleed over it tho. I was so wrong. After binding it, I ran down Oxford Street with my work, front flipping over anyone who came in my way, (asked them politely to move out of the way) sweating like a little piggy. Yes, I did look attractive. I had lots of men and women looking at me *holds head up high* Okay okay, maybe it’s because I looked crazy.

The blood that this thesis cause, is shown below..


Yes, I know it’s only a paper cut but it hurt like a BITCH!

Fast forward, half an hour, I was outside the department office, LATE, sweating with a bleeding finger and panting like I had just ran a marathon..I think she just accept my late submission because of my cute, sad face..who could ever say no to that?FullSizeRender-5


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  1. coping while doing a PhD? I wouldn’t go as far as call it coping, lol. Congratulations on finishing your thesis :). I felt the same way when I handed in my MSc thesis, such a relief (but then I went ahead and started my PhD…) =/ .

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