A visit from the Electrician, Maintenance Man and Neighbour!

For those of you unaware of how I hang out at home..the answer is: NAKED with just my knickers on! Don’t worry! I live alone! No one is put through the misery/torture of having to see me naked. Okay, actually, that’s a lie.. So some of you must be thinking it’s bizarre that I chill at home nude, but I have my reasons. ‘What is the point of wearing clothes?’ or should I say ‘what purpose is it meant to be serving?’ Answer: to keep you warm and hide your nakedness from the public. (Note, I say public because I feel like the ones closest to us deserve to see us nude. Yes, I feel sorry for my future husband too.) Anyway, that isn’t the reason why I don’t wear clothing. My reason is simply because it restricts my movements. I bet you’re wondering what weird and bizarre activities I like to get up to at home. I promise you it isn’t as crazy as it sounds; just simple positions like sitting cross legged on my bed is hard to do with any type of bottoms.

Wearing no clothes obviously has its cons, for example, when I got a surprise knock on my flat door, the other day, for me to shout scream ‘ONE MINUTE!’ BANG! CLASH! OOPS! FUCK! SUGAR! And 2 minutes later, open the door, red faced, with bed hair, last night’s makeup and in probably my night gown to whoever it was..this time it was my lovely next door neighbour..she had made some biryani for me <3 but that wasn’t the part that got to me. She had a brief chat with me, which she cut short by saying: ‘I best let you get back to your ‘friend’.’ Friend?! I was on my own, unless you count my teddies.

It would be okay if this was a one off, but the electrician visited the other day and I opened the door to him, and he walked in ever so carefully, looking around..it was like: he was expecting my oh so dirty little secret to jump out of my wardrobe or something..who said I ever let my mistakes sleep over? I obviously interrupted his train of thought with my: ‘how can I help?’ To which his reply was: ‘shall I come later on? You seem busy’ If you call, watching YouTube videos of random rubbish busy then, yes, I’m ALWAYS busy.

The maintenance man did the same.. I haven’t quite pinpointed why people think I always have people over. Maybe it’s my unruly hair *rolls eyes*, maybe I talk to myself or maybe I’m just too good looking to be living alone.

I look a bit like Einstein on a good day..
I look a bit like Einstein on a good day..


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  1. Ahahahahaha this is hilarious! I love your posts.
    I totally understand where you’re coming from…when I’m alone, I definitely get as comfortable as I can… Especially when sleeping. Sleeping naked is just the bessssssst

    1. Sleeping naked is definitely the best thing everrrr! Even if I do go to bed with clothes on, I always wake up with nothing on. I haven’t quite figured out how this happens tho haha.

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